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The Pharmaceutical Care Wiki


Pharmaceutical Care is an important keyword for pharmacy practice. These pages aim to provide one place to get most information on Pharmaceutical Care, especially in Europe.


The focus will be on definition(s), the process, organisation, and quality assurance with examples of practice. We hereby invite you to contribute to the work by completing the wiki pages or initiate discussions. Contact info@pcne.org if you want to assist.




Pharmaceutical Care definitions

(last updated 3-2020)




(last updated 3-2017)


Elements and organisation

(last updated 2-2017)



Patient counselling


Quality indicators



Examples of practices


SWOT analysis of Pharmaceutical Care 



Medication reconciliation

(last updated 1-2018)



Drug-related Problems



Payment for services

(last updated 11-2016)


Medication review

(last updated 3-2016)



The Pharmacist Guide to Implementing Pharmaceutical care

(link to a major book, edited by PCNE members)



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