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Promoting rational pharmacotherapy to other health professionals

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Main conclusions


  • There is ample evidence that pharmacists’ interventions have a positive economic impact
  • There is a positive effect on drug consumption
  • Pharmacists are able to identify drug-related problems
  • Doctors are largely in agreement with the recommendations from pharmacists
  • There is evidence that the effect on the health and well-being of patients can be seen in clinical parameters, but not in terms of mortality, hospitalisations and contacts with the health care system, nor in the life quality of patients
  • Few studies evaluate the evidence for satisfaction; effect on knowledge, attitudes and behaviour; or effect on drug-related problems
  • There is reinforced evidence that medication reviews at nursing homes by a team consisting of a pharmacist, nursing home manager, geriatric psychiatrist and general practitioner can bring about a significant reduction in drug costs and total costs for the health care system.


Full summary including references at the end of the summary

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