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Doc_PGEU Documents

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The PGEU is the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union, based in Brussels. PGEU's members are the national associations and professional bodies of community pharmacists in 34 European countries including EU Member States, EU candidate countries and EEA/EFTA countries.


PGEU documents may also be found on the PGEU webpage





European Community Pharmacy Blueprint, a joint European Community Pharmacy vision

This vision was unanimously supported by the PGEU General Assembly on the 15th November, 2012.



Vision, Community Pharmacy, Europe

Improving Mental Health of the Population: Community Pharmacists' Contribution towards a Strategy on Mental Health for the European Union


illness, disease, health information, education, drug-related damage, mental health, Austria,  Belgium, Denmark, France, Portugal, Spain,

Community pharmacists' contribution to ensuring rational and safe use of medicines by older people 


Public health, therapeutic benefit, quality, self care, medication, promotion, policy, prevention, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany

Community pharmacists' contribution to counteracting obesity in the EU


Promotion healthy lifestyle, risk, overweight, BMI, counsel, chronic disease

Green Paper - On the European Workforce for Health


Workload, mobility, migration, education, skill

PGEU Comments - The Anti-Counterfeiting Directive


Authentication, medicine pack, Internet,

PGEU Statement on Medicines Authentication Technology 2009

Role, authentic, unique identifying feature, counterfeit, medicine pack,  transaction data

PGEU-EASGP Collaboration charter 2012



OTC, self care, Europe, Charter

PGEU working document on Pharmacists' contribution to improving adherence to medicines to prescribed medication


adherence, barriers, cost, resources, rational use of medicines, health, social, economics, medication review, pharmacotherapy, patient, collaboration, Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden Belgium,

Statement on Cancer


Community Pharmacists' contribution to Cancer prevention and Control in EU

Statement on Antibiotic Resistance


Community Pharmacists' contribution to Antibiotic Resistance

Statement on Pandemic Influenza


Community Pharmacists: An essential ressource for the control of Pandemic Influenza


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