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The PCNE Wiki is owned by the Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe Association, an association with its seat in the Netherlands. Its aims and objectives are to stimulate research into pharmaceutical care, primarily in Europe. It wants to realise this goal through:


  1. organising and maintaining a network regarding pharmaceutical care in Europe;
  2. facilitating activities aimed at pharmaceutical care;
  3. facilitating means of information and communication between researchers involved in the field of pharmaceutical care;
  4. offering assistance and advice regarding pharmaceutical care, either by the foundation itself or by others;
  5. furthermore all that is useful within the framework of the objectives.


This PCNE-observatory is public. But only registered users can contribute to discussions or the Wiki. Registered users can be representatives from pharmacy practice research and implementation centres, (inter)national pharmacist organisations, pharmacists and other health care professionals.


This observatory consists of three types of documents

- Menu. Such documents can only be edited by the administrator and are the backbone-structure of the Wiki

- Information. Such documents can only be edited by the administrator or the original owner. This are typically reports, reference lists, expert opinions etc. 

- Wiki. These pages can be edited by all authorised users, and should/can be discussed.


To join the observatory: In the right column, please notice: "To join this wiki, request access." You will be asked to provide your e-mail address, and your request is forwarded to the administrator, the PCNE Secretariat. Within a few working days, you will receive a message if your access has been  granted, and what level of permissions you have. With a writer's permissions you can enter content and add comments to all pages.


For further information, please contact info@pcne.org.



Responsible Moderators for the Wiki

Editor-in-chief + Pharmaceutical Care Definitions
Foppe van Mil
Pharmaceutical Care in Obesity
Anna Laven
Remuneration of pharmaceutical care services Filipa Alves da Costa
Pharmaceutical Care in Italy Giancarlo Nadin
Pharmaceutical Care in Spain Julio Andres Jacome
Pharmaceutical Care in Belgium
Marleen Haems
Pharmaceutical Care in Portugal Suzete Costa - Sonía Romano
Pharmacy Practice Research Martin Henman
Pharmaceutical Care in Slovenia
Nejc Horvat
Pharmaceutical Care in the Metabolic Syndrome
Olaf Rose
Pharmaceutical Care in Switzerland Tamara Isenegger
Drug-related problems and Pharmaceutical Care
Tommy Westerlund
Pharmaceutical Care and Adherence
Isabelle Arnet



© 2015 Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe

Margrietlaan 1, 9471CT Zuidlaren, the Netherlands

51 grand Rue, 67220 Maisonsgoutte, France

www.pcne.org / info@pcne.org

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