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Country Documents

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If you have information on national pharmacy practice documents, please inform us. It is not essential that documents are translated into English, but do provide us with keywords in English.







The Contribution of Pharmacy to making Britain a Safer Place to Take Medicines


Management of acute diarrhoea and vomiting due to gastoenteritis in children under 5

Safe, recommendation, policy, patients, intervention, information, workforce, technology, education, regulation, safety culture, pharmacovigilance



Guideline, diagnosis, dehydration, fluid, nutritional management, antibiotics, advice, information








New Legislation in Hungary

PharmD Degree, Legalisation, Pharmaceutical Care

Spain  Pharmaceutical Care Forum. Consensus document

This document reflects the recommendations of the Forum in five areas in which it was found to be necessary to work in order to advance in the generalized implementation of Pharmaceutical Care. The document aims to facilitate work in Pharmaceutical Care based on scientific evidence and current legislation, and adapting day-to-day practice to each individual patient – the latter being the fundamental reference of health care.

Nordic countries 

Added value of Nordic Pharmacies


The Added Value of Nordic Pharmacies

Documentation examples
This is a description and an analysis of the added value provided by pharmacies in the Nordic Countries. Following the examples of the practical guidelines, the added value is divided into four components: society, patient, process and staff. English 



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