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Doc_PCNE Documents

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The PCNE is the Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe, based in the Netherlands. PCNE members are individuals and organisations that are interested in Pharmaceutical Care research, mostly from Europe but also from other continents. PCNE is the owner and administrator of this observatory.


PCNE documents may also be found on the PCNE webpage




Key words


PCNE DRP-Classification V 7 English
Drug-related problems, PCNE, Problems, Causes, Interventions
PCNE DRP-Classification update history
Drug-related problems, PCNE, Update history
DRP-Classification link to previous versions or translations
Drug-related problem, translations

Medication Review

Position paper on Medication  Review definition 2016
Medication review

Guidelines & protocols

EPF-PCNE Indicators and Descriptors (2009) A presentation by Hanne Herborg Indicators, Descriptors




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